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"Cobbler Union has probably one of the best Spectators on offering in my opinion."
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"The Guillaume II is hands down my favorite boot of 2014."
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Interview with Co-Founder Daniel Porcelli:
"What if we can give true shoe aficionados the opportunity to buy bespoke-inspired luxury shoes at an affordable price?"
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"Cobbler Union is different in that the people behind the brand have real experience in the luxury footwear industry and exercise the control and direction needed to produce a product for which they could easily justify a significantly higher price."
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"I highly recommend Cobbler Union for men who share a passion for high quality shoes in formal, business and casual environments."
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"Classic Goodyear welted construction with a wide array of designs appeal to the conservative impresario and avant garde aficionado alike."
"The look of the shoes is excellent. Any man would do well with a pair on his feet... They are one of my favorite items that I have reviewed in the past 3.5 years here on FYG."
"From their incredibly striking design, to the fascinating attention to detail, you would be hard pushed to find a superior shoe, period."
Interview with Co-Founder Daniel Porcelli:
"I think a luxury item needs to be handmade, with love and excellent materials, but they don’t need to keep getting more and more expensive."
"Daniel Porcelli changed the men’s footwear game last year when he launched Atlanta-based Cobbler Union."