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We want to make the process of buying shoes online as easy as possible for you. Here, you'll find important information about our lasts as well as guidance on how to choose your shoe size most accurately. Please take a moment to carefully review this information.



We literally spent one full year designing, testing and adjusting our lasts before choosing the lucky seven that made the cut for our inaugural collection. Aside from their sculptural beauty, these lasts were chosen because of their superior comfort and universal fit. 

All of our lasts are medium width designed to fit comfortably on 85% of men out there.


CITY: This last has a classic round-toe and offers a very generous fit while still maintaining a very elegant silhouette.

LOUVRE: The Louvre is a stylish soft square last that offers the same generous fit as the City but tappers a bit more at the toe to achieve its unique look. 

CHELSEA: Originally a boot last, we've given it a new life to offer you a rounder, less formal, round-toe last - just perfect for our Alex longwing.

MONACO: This last gives our penny loafers a spectacular European flair while offering the level of comfort you expect on a loafer

UNION: The Union is the perfect round-toe loafer last. It offers the right length and width, comfortably securing your foot - a must when wearing loafers.

RITZ: Some boots are simply too elegant to be mounted on a typical round-toe boot last. You'll love the Ritz's soft-square toe. It's fit is almost identical to the Louvre.

SOHO: While we hope you take our boots off-road, they are really designed for the city. The Soho offers the perfect combination of country-side ruggedness and urban elegance.  

312: Our widest and roundest last, the 312 last offers a comfortable fit without being bulky or chunky. This is the last we use on our uR collection.



When choosing your size, keep in mind that all of our shoes come in UK sizes, which run a full size larger than one's US size (For European and Japanese sizes, please see the Shoe Size Conversion Chart below).

So, as an example, if you're a 10 US then you should buy a 9 UK. That simple. 

While we provide a size conversation table for your reference, we advise you to choose your size based on the shoes you currently wear and your previous experience buying high-quality dress shoes. Just write us a note if you have any questions about your size.

Always (always!) use the conversion chart only as a reference. The same is true for having your feet measured at a shoe shop. Our feet are all different and have many dimensions that affect the size of shoe we wear. That's why your current shoes are your best source of guidance when choosing your favorite Cobbler Union pair.

SHOE SIZE CONVERSION CHART (Click to open on new window)