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March 24, 2020

To our global community,

The COVID-19 crisis certainly puts everything in perspective, not only with regard to public health and safety, but also with regard to our role as business leaders.

At Cobbler Union, we’ve wrestled with the most basic ethical dilemma since this horrible pandemic started unfolding: 

What's the right thing to do for our company in the midst of so much hardship and pain?

This whole situation is so overwhelmingly scary and consuming. For the time being, selling shoes is obviously no longer a top priority. However, there is one very important thing we, small businesses, can do: KEEP AMERICA EMPLOYED (More on this below).

To do so, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Like most businesses, current events have greatly impacted our company - most significantly the amazing individuals who so passionately work hard to preserve and promote our beautiful craft. 

TO HELP US, we are not asking for a donation. Instead, we are inviting you to become an HONORARY INVESTOR in our company.

How do you become an HONORARY INVESTOR?

Simply, purchase something from our collection or, preferably (since you are likely not in the mood for shopping), consider buying a Cobbler Union Gift Card.

As an Honorary Investor, you will not only help us keep Cobbler Union running and our team employed during this unprecedented pandemic, but also QUALIFY FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNTS - today and for life.

This Is How It Works:

Starting today, enjoy 20% OFF SITE WIDE (Gift Cards not included). This offer is valid through April 30th, 2020 at the earliest. During this time, every purchase you make will be added to calculate your unique LIFETIME DISCOUNT as follows:


Cumulative Purchase Amount

Lifetime Discount

$100 to $249


$250 to $499


$500 to $749


$750 to $999


$1,000 +


Important: Your lifetime discount will be calculated by adding all of your cumulative purchases made between today and April 30th, 2020. (This date is subject to change depending on the government’s actions and decisions, which may extend current restrictions.) Your lifetime discount will be activated on May 1st or when this promotion ends, whichever comes last. Lifetime discount cannot be combined with other future promotions. Gift cards never expire and cannot be redeemed for cash.


Widespread unemployment is the second global pandemic we are all fighting together as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. Unemployment figures in the US alone could reach as high as 30% this year; figures not seen since the Great Depression, almost 100 years ago. These numbers are dramatic.

While Congress is busy arguing about the size and scope of its stimulus package(s), businesses like ours are doing everything we can to stay alive. Who knows if any of the stimulus money will ever reach us! What we do know is we have thousands of loyal customers and followers who can help us keep our team employed through this big mess. We also know entrepreneurs are the most resilient part of the economy. Many of us started our companies in our garage. We can do it, and, if necessary, we will do it, again.

With your help we can do our part in keeping America employed. Also, remember every purchase you make not only helps our team in the US but also our partners in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, England, Denmark and Japan - all countries also struggling with COVID-19. 

We appreciate your support and look forward to happier days.

Be well,

Daniel Porcelli

Co-Founder & CEO