Get Back In The Game: Lead Ethically

August 06, 2020 4 min read


Name: Rob T.
Profession: Division Manager
Location: Saint Louis, MO
Customer since: 2019

During the past four months, we have been receiving positive feedback and encouraging words from loyal customers who have kept us fighting day after day. When we started the "Get Back In The Game" series, we knew we wanted to include our support system - you the customer. It's customers like Rob who keep us inspired through these more challenging times. Rob has been a loyal customer for almost a year now, and he is quite a special man. Why? Well, have you ever called a company to reject a discount because you simply wanted to support the company? 

Perhaps, this doesn't mean much to a lot of people, but for us entrepreneurs, moments like these give us an incredible boost of energy. To put Rob's actions into perspective, companies like Cobbler Union receive multiple calls a day from people requesting discounts or discounts on top of discounts. We often wonder if these same people are also calling other brands to squeeze a few dollars off their purchases. Not to say we don't appreciate a good deal either, but in the end, we all are trying to support our team as well as put gas back into the engine. Fortunately, we have Rob and countless other great customers who practice ethical leadership daily, and we couldn't be more grateful.

We asked Rob for his thoughts about the pandemic and how he's shifted his mindset to get back in the game. 

Here's what he has to say:


How would you describe what you've experienced and seen over the past four months?

Rob T: "A world so abruptly changed within a short period of time. Many of us have stayed home and are eager for a return to normalcy. Sadly, I think that return to normalcy is very far away, but we are incredibly adaptable. I only hope we as individuals have the fortitude to do what is necessary and do it to the best of our abilities in order to keep everyone safe."


How has the pandemic affected you personally and professionally?

RT: "Professionally, my company like most others continues to evolve quickly. My industry operates heavily on field sales and the majority of us are back out there. During quarantine, we had to adapt quickly by using teleconferencing platforms, and I will say we were up and running within a week. My business is thriving during this pandemic, which is why I choose to continue to support businesses like Cobbler Union.

Personally, my newlywed wife and I had planned to honeymoon overseas in April. Obviously, that was not possible as a result of the situation, and there is no telling when we will be able to vacation as planned. Yes, it's been sad to have to cancel our dream honeymoon, but we are resilient and moving forward with our life plans... plans to start a family in the near future."


At which point since the pandemic unfolded did you realize you had to take charge and reinvent yourself?

RT: "I've had to step up even more as a leader during this time on the professional front as well as on the home front. I manage a group of 8 sales reps across the Midwest USA. As you can imagine, the uncertainty of the pandemic is probably the most terrifying aspect of it all. Jobs are at stake and companies have to make tough decisions. My group is on track to achieve our goals; had it not been for keeping a positive and encouraging morale amongst our ranks, I'm not sure we would be in such a great position."


Now, 4 months in, what are you doing differently or better to make sure you come out on top once the pandemic ends?

RT: "I'm investing in myself and my family. I realize some may say it's easy for me because I haven't been as negatively impacted as others, but I've always operated my life to take care of myself and loved ones. Do what you have to do, work harder than you ever have before to provide and come out ahead. If you've been blessed like me to hold onto your job, don't squander it. Prove your worth and you will be rewarded in the long run."


If you had to give our customers who has been in a bit of a funk or a bit depressed, or anyone else for that matter, any advice to get 'back in the game', what would it be?

RT: "Try to do something to feel better about yourself. During quarantine, I put on normal work clothes every day even though I wasn't going anywhere. My philosophy is if you look good then you should feel good. You don't have to spend a fortune on clothes and shoes, but you should project a sharp image of success and feel good about your appearance."


What are you most optimistic about right now?

RT: "Moving forward with my life. While this pandemic may delay some life goals, I'm not waiting around to pursue what is in my control currently. Opportunities will present themselves as I go along, but for now I'm tackling what is achievable at the moment."