Get Back In The Game

August 04, 2020 2 min read

It's time to take control.

Like me, you're likely wondering what the hell is going on! Why can't we get our act together? Why can't we all work collectively to stop the spread of this virus? Why do we feel so helpless? So many why's...
The resulting psychological token from this wild rollercoaster ride cannot be underestimated. Last week, a friend of mine suggested I watch one of my favorite leadership gurus, Simon Sinek, discuss emotional intelligence and feelings during a pandemic in his latest video. In much anticipation, I expected to hear the unshakeable optimistic offer survival tactics required to thrive through this pandemic. Instead, I found a visibly broken, vulnerable Simon. He too had found himself isolated and inferior during the crisis. Very few can deny this: we've all been in a funk, frustrated, and at some point over the past few months.
The next several weeks will be monumental for our country and for each of us. I believe we need a massive paradigm shift. Not just to get this pandemic under control (I'll leave that to the experts), but to regain our mojo.
Unquestionably, it's ok to feel isolated, distant, uneasy about economic uncertainty, afraid of catching this lucid virus, and frustrated during the search of a new normalcy. Give yourself permission to sort through these emotions for a minute or two - but then take action. Regain control. You may be a little off your game - that's normal. Rewrite your goals. Get up. Get dressed. Get going. Know that your inner badass is still there, ready to kick ass again.
Time to get back in the game! 
As I shared in my last post, "The Power of Ethical Leadership", while the pandemic has tested even the strongest of minds world-wide, it has also given countless people a platform to showcase awe-inspiring levels of commitment and resiliency. These are the people we must emulate now.
At Cobbler Union, we're going to do our part to help our community by sharing incredible stories of sacrifice, hard work, determination, and vigor. As Jeff Bezos said in last week's congressional hearing, despite our current challenges, we should be very optimistic about our future. Regardless of what skeptics say, the truth is we still live in a world where our dreams can be realized. This virus can't stop us!
So, stay tuned for a compelling "GET BACK IN THE GAME INTERVIEW SERIES" featuring several resilient men and women who, despite the pandemic, are still making sh*t happen everyday. 
Thank you always for your support!

Daniel Porcelli
Founder & CEO