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December 14, 2022 3 min read

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Goodyear Lite is the newest collection of shoes and boots from Cobbler Union, and we’re damn proud of it.In collaboration with Vibram soles, they’re the lightest, most comfortable pair of Goodyear welted shoes you’ll ever own.

100% customer centric, this collection was conceived to serve men for how they live now.

They’ve become instant favorites with the team, and we can’t wait for others to experience the phenomenal difference of the future of Goodyear welted shoes.




How did this collection happen?

Cobbler Union came into shoemaking from the bespoke world. Elegance meant everything. We adored the touches that seemed only accessible in a customized process: beveled waists, elongated chiseled toes, tight and hidden stitching. In the beginning of our journey in 2014, these choices always felt right. Elegance and confidence is powerful.

However, in 8 short years the world has changed massively. How people express themselves has changed just as much. Working from home became the norm, and everything about style that seemed rigid before flexed to a near breaking point.

We felt that shift ourselves. We’ve never been shoemakers to shun change or hold too tightly to the past. Comfort was once a single facet of what makes a great shoe, butnow comfort is everything.Without compromising aesthetic, we used our experience and know-how to make something that fit today’s world.

The Goodyear Lite Revelation

We played with different soles, poured over new leather hides, and chiseled away at creating a last we never had to think twice about when wearing.

After months of testing, the final samples arrived and we threw them on.It was a revelation. They felt like wearing sneakers - roomy, light, flexible - but had the look of the shoes we loved. They were all we wanted to wear.

It was no longer a simple test, but a vision into the future of Goodyear welted shoes. They felt like what shoes are meant to feel like: free, flexible, light, and comfortable.

goodyear lite dress shoe

What makes Goodyear Lite different?

So what makes Goodyear Lite different from other pairs? The materials are everything.

We wanted our soles to be as light, flexible, and  comfortable as possible. Rubber was the obvious pick and Vibram makes the best soles in the business. 

Instead of high-density rubber, we picked lightweight rubber compound soles that givea sneaker-like feel with no style compromised. They still have the trademark Vibram durability and grip, but with astonishing lightness.

goodyear welted ultra lite shoes

For the uppers, we needed flexible, worry-free options that you wouldn’t think twice about. Pouring over hide after hide, we committed to waxed and durable suedes (no need to change in the rain!) and supple grain leather that’s buttery to the touch on first wear.

The materials embody what Goodyear lite is all about:flexible for no break-in, light for movement, and low-maintenance so one pair can carry you day-in and day-out without a worry.

The future of Cobbler Union and Goodyear Lite

This collection was never meant to replace what we’ve always done. Instead, it’s meant to strengthen our commitment to style and how it empowers men.

We like to think Goodyear Lite represents what we callNew Elegance. Today, there’s no dress code to tell how to look. Nobody demands ties or suits. Nobody criticizes your footwear choice. When you get dressed, you do it for yourself.It’s this freedom that allows us to be our best and define style on our own terms.

We know it might be biased to close with a review from our CEO, but as our first Goodyear Lite wearer and lifetime long shoe fan, he represents entire team well with his reaction:

“These shoes are the most comfortable and functional Goodyear welted shoes I’ve ever owned. I love them.”


One wear and you’ll understand. Prepare to never look at Goodyear welted shoes the same.


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