Saphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner 200ml

Saphir Médaille d’Or has introduced the Sneaker Care Range to maintain their original look and to offer a genuinely specialized product line. 

Since Sneakers require different care than classic leather shoes, the Sneaker Care Range offers 4 individual products that each serve one specific purpose when taking care of your sneakers. 

The Foam Cleaner is free from any harmful chemicals and can be used to clean not only smooth leathers but every material you might find on sneakers. Whether it is smooth leather, suede, nubuck, nappa, stretch, mesh, textiles or crepe.

After removing any dust with a brush and soiling with some water, give the foam cleaner a good shake and apply it all over the shoe. Let it soak there for 4-5 minutes. Its unique formula creates a foam that lifts the dirt from the surface and restores the original look of the shoe. Work it into the material with a brush. Once the foam has absorbed the dirt, brush it off with one of our natural bristle brushes. Rinse the brush frequently while brushing off the foam. Wipe it afterwards with our Technical Cleaning Cloths.

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