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Elevated Craftsmanship

When we met Roshini Aluwihare, founder of Codis Maya, we met someone as passionate about preserving her craft as we are about preserving ours. We instantly knew we wanted to work with her on an exclusive Cobbler Union collection.

Founded in 1987, Codis Maya is best known for their expertise in vitreous enamelling - an extremely rare and fading art. To put the level of effort and quality in perspective, each pair of cufflinks they make passes through 14 different workshops (all in the UK) and the hands of around 30 people. The results are beautiful bespoke cufflinks and lapel pins you will cherish for years to come.

Handcrafted in the UK

CONSTRUCTION: Sterling silver cufflinks with white rhodium plate and vitreous enamel. 

PRODUCT SPECS: Bluebell and olive vitreous enamel. 11mm diameter.

INSPIRATION: If you stumble upon a 19th century wrought iron bed, you may well see it decorated with artichoke castings. An ancient symbol of love and security – its robust leaves protect the heart at its centre.

THE CRAFT: Vitreous enameling is a fading art that is only practiced by a few artisanal makers in the world. We are very proud to uphold the traditions of the craftspeople who help us to make these beautiful products.

PRE-ORDERS: Please allow twelve weeks for any cufflink or lapel pin currently out of stock and available for pre-order.